I do

September 22, 2008
fingers shake, a shiver in spine
the feelings there, the feelings sublime.
hyped up, hyped up, hyped on the jive
that caused me to jump, to take a dive

in the cool dark waters of gurgling brooks
in the summer I gave and the summer you took
memories for a shared looking glass
into the future and out of the past

a new domain, an unexplored plane
stretching the fields of beauty in vain
for all that we thought and all that we shared
was you wanting me, and I playing scared

as the sand in the hourglass waxed and waned
I remembered of all of the lies I had feigned
and nothing, not even the concave glass frame
could force out the hunger, desire, the blame

for born out of that time of kaleidoscope, too
was something I wouldn’t except me to do
to make my home here, to unpack my things
to stay for the sound of the wedding bell rings

to keep sharing a smile, a thought and a wave,
for you are the one that I wish to save
from the rest of the world, held here to my own
myself with you, and you never alone

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aek said...
Sept. 29, 2008 at 12:45 am
I really like this! It's very descriptive!
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