Ethan, my first love

September 22, 2008
By Alexandra Danese, Verona, NJ

Oh to be 16 and in love
In the beginning you made me so blissful
You distracted me from my school work and my family
Grades plummeted and arguments began
You distracted me from my friends and interests
Calls were ignored and Glee club was skipped
It was just you and me
And I couldn't care less who I was in the past
Because I was you

I lost a friend, and I lost another
I was so blind to your control
The way you told me what to do
What to wear and what to say
You could have told me to murder
And I wouldn’t have objected

The weird thing is I have a strong will
I never believed I would be one to fall for this
I was too wise and too mature
But the things you think happen to other happens to you

You told me you cheated on me
And I didn’t react
I didn’t
So I ignored it
Because you were my drug
I could not live with out you
The withdrawal would be too painful

One day a friend sat me down
And explained to me that you were no good
I was under the influence
I had to go cold turkey on you
And I cried and I cried
Because I loved you

I don’t want to hear that it wasn’t love
I don’t want to hear I was too young
I don’t want to hear I exaggerated this
I don’t want to hear he never loved me
Because last time I checked I was there and you weren’t

I tried to break up with you, Ethan
And you yelled
And I cried
You said you loved me
I still loved you
You said it over and over again
You still say it now
I gave in to you then
Your temper was always something to be feared

Here I am today
With out you
You have moved on from the harassing calls
From arguments in the middle of the mall and journal square
You still say you love me
But I don’t love you
I don’t love you
I don’t love you
Oh to be 16 and in love

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