Better Person Today

September 22, 2008
By Emily Haapoja, Duluth, MN

Behind A Mirror There’s A Shattered Face,
A Face That Can Only Remember The Place.
The Place That Can Mean The End Of The Race,
Or A Place That Can End This Lying Case.

I Speak Into The Mirror Once More,
And In the End I'm Laying On The Floor.
I Crawl And I Cannot Make It To The Open Door,
"The Nightmare Is Only Beginning, You Whore.”

The Time Creeps By As I Sit And Wait;
My Eyes Filled With Fear, My Heart Filled With Hate.
"This Is Your Fault, For Opening The Gate,
Now Look Around You," The Devil Calmly States.

I Argue With Voices That Fill My Mind;
I Ask Them For A Second Chance, Just To Rewind,
They Tell Me That This Is The Way To Bind,
My Soul To The Devil, For The Rest Of Man Kind.

All The Times That I've Fought For My Low Self Esteem;
The Slowest Kid In The Race,, The Last Picked For The Team.
Now Its All Wasted, Like A Tear In A Stream,
Just Waiting By Patiently For My Heart To Redeem.

The Voices Now Tell Me Its Far Too Late,
The Devil Made his Decision, Nothing Left To Debate.
My Heart Is Now Heavy With The Thought Of My Fate,
My Vision Begins To Blur As I Try To See Straight.

So Many Personal Battles, Silently Were Won,
And The Voices Remind Me The Game Is Now Done.
The Tears Start To Flow As I Come Undone,
And I Breathe A Steady Sigh As I Stretch For The Final Run.

Through All The Ups And The Downs,
This Roller Coaster Makes One Last Round.
Before I Let My Own Life Pound,
My Gritted Teeth Into The Ground.

Then The Fear In My Heart Awakens Me From
The Slumber From Which I Was Trying To Run.
Tangled In Sheets As The Tears Start To Come,
I Realize Now That My Fingers Are Numb.

As The Fear Fades Now, I Sit Up to Say;
“Today I Will Be A Better Person Than I Was Yesterday.”

The author's comments:
My poem is about a girl who has not been a good person, and through all her struggles to be accepted, she found herself being someone she didn't want to be. She then wakes from a terrifying dream, and decides that being this person won't get her anywhere, so she is going to be a better person today than she was yesterday. I hope that in reading this, you will see that being a bad person is not going to get you anywhere that you want to be in life, and that you should be a better person today than you were yesterday.

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