September 22, 2008
By Carol Strum, Woodbury, MN

He has a silent curiosity
Peeking from underneath
His connection is spiritual
Desire uncontestable
His love is infinite
Belief never dying.

His need for her is stronger than his will to live itself. He met her once and was captured by her delicate yet mysterious eyes. He must find her! The rags and riches of the land no longer mattered, for she is the love of his life. His soul was stolen by her radiant beauty. She came to the wrong house and met him. They spoke briefly. Then she gracefully glided out of his sight. His life was forever changed. Now he wonders: was her life changed as well?

She has a secret dream
Hoping to be fulfilled
Her connection is unworldly
Craving undeniable
Her love is timeless
Conviction never ceasing.

She knocked. He answered. She was cut off from the rest of the world. Deprived of logical thought, she was. Forever in love, she was. Yearning for him, she was. She grasped the arch of the unfamiliar doorway to catch her breath as her heart was being seized by his sensuous soul. She was robbed of her freewill after one look into his eyes, the eyes that accompanied his beautiful body in rhythmic movement. After their encounter ended he shut the door, disconnecting their sudden love. Her life was forever changed. Now she wonders: was his life changed as well?

Serendipity- Amazing discovery by accident.

The author's comments:
Serendipity, amazing discovery by accident. When writing this poem I thought of all the great things that happen without effort. You may be searching for love but it's not something you can force, it truly is an amazing discovery.

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This article has 2 comments.

sqfnyc said...
on Jan. 13 2009 at 3:05 am
As someone who fell in love by a fateful stroke of serendipity myself, I feel that you have captured the feeling of it in an effortless and entertaining fashion. Although slightly clichéd, I do not always believe that clichés in creative writing are a bad thing. Sometimes they even help to convey the idea of the work, and here, I generally like this poem/piece despite it's lack of technically advanced writing. The emotion that it is able to convey seems to strike true by using the proper sentiment that is appropriate to the subject. Bravo.

on Jan. 13 2009 at 1:43 am
I think that this is well written, although in a style I have not yet witnessed. To go from a stanza to a paragraph of fragmented sentences is very interesting. Although this goes against my philosophy of human reason and free will(my personal philosophy is a branch of Objectivism, but I put my thoughts aside to study yours in an effort to understand), I think you did well. I applaud you and implore you to keep writing as your heart and mind tells you.


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