His Girl

September 22, 2008
My head on his chest
His body all around me
Caressing me, wrapping me in a cocoon
So safe, so warm in his arms
His kiss, so tender, soft and delicious
Keeping me entranced with every look he gives
He knows how to get to me.
He knows my every thought.
His hand in mine, fingers intertwined
Silence never felt so loud.
The sound of his heartbeat
Keeping time with my pulse,
Raging higher and higher every time I hear him whisper
"Be my girl".
Oh, I am.
And forever shall be
His girl.

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Johnnayyyy said...
Nov. 13, 2008 at 11:53 pm
umm megan...What the heck..haha..im sooo readin this at school for contemporary poems. Ima be all "His Girl by Megan" then ill read it while trying not to laugh MUAHAHHA jk this is a good poem but im still readin it lol Byeeeee
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