Ode to the Imaginary Friend

September 22, 2008
The clock ticks,
that persistent sound saturating the air.
Tick Tock
I lay in my bed,
head under the pillow,
waiting for the world to pass me by.
Knowing you wont be there when I get up.
Tick Tock
Outside children are playing,
someone is mowing their lawn.
The two old women across the street
sit gossiping in their twin rocking chairs
on the front porch.
Tick Tock
You still wont be there,
I know you're gone.
You're lighting up other peoples lives
like you did mine.
Tick Tock
Somewhere across the street
a little dog starts barking.
I'm too old for you
they all told me.
But I didn't think so.
You were mine.
Tick Tock
My best friend,
the love of my short life.
You listened to my childish complaints,
and scared away the nightmares in the closet.
You were perfect.
To bad you were imaginary.
Tick Tock

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