Shackles, America

June 11, 2013
By Ziggy32 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Ziggy32 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Here is the world of Shackles
Where everyone finds blame
The place where heads aren’t free
Visions of hopeless life
Upon an isolated island
Way beyond happiness

Hasn’t been seen for ages in Shackles
A simple smile is on another island
Although no one is to blame
Of this uncared for life
It has given up on being free

Who knows how to be free?
When clearly no one wants happiness
To take a hold of their life
But just remain in Shackles
Exempt from blame
Unable to accept this Island

Yet arms of recognition come from the island
Trying to offer help but not to be free
Only to guarantee a new object of blame
Then back down to the pit of unhappiness
To be confined by, yet again, Shackles
Dramatic and uncivilized life

Lovely one, don’t’ relinquish your life
To the inhabitable pit of this island
Break these filament Shackles
Taste the sweetness of the everlasting free
What is happiness?
Not taking the blame

Accepting the difficult, ugly, disdainful, bright blame
Merely bursting with life
What is happiness?
Leaving the awkward island
Feeling free
Out of the so called Shackles

No, no, no; no more shackles
No more frightful blame
In your life

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