Heart On Sleeve

September 6, 2008
As i pour the last remains of you down my sink,
The dirt and tainted liquid goes down as i think,
From the wash of my face from the washing of my hair.
You were so busy with your manipulations, you forgot to care.

The shower drain is gurgling, hungry for more,
Waiting for the next meal of mistakes that i pour,
Sink with my soiled liquid, sink, go down the pipe
To sink, to disappear without warning, was never really my type.

There are devils in that water, demons and such.
They are more than i ever was, i wasn't much.
I tried to fight with them as i knew that i might.
Letting them live on me so long, i knew that i put up a good fight.

The dirt held the seeds for the demons to come back,
Those seeds devoured me. i was a midnight snack.
But those demons, those devils, those immature fools,
I tried to win, to score, to succeed, but they always got the best of me.
With my heart sewn on my sleeve, im coming undone.

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