I Miss You Like The Desert Misses Rain

September 19, 2008
I miss you like the desert misses rain…
My silent screams and helpless please, only reflect my pain.
I dream alone in fear at night that lost you’ll be forever,
And now that you’re gone and will never return I’m no longer light as a feather.
I shared my time with you those nights and we talked four hours on end,
But as the lies you told grew too large, our relationship twisted and bent.
I cried so hard, sometimes at night, and the tears felt more like acid,
But in my heart, now free of the mess, I was peaceful, murky, and placid.
You thought you could get away with it, your filthy, lying habit,
And as I stick up for myself for once, I’m the predator…you’re the rabbit.
Run as fast as your legs will allow, but you can’t escape this falcon,
This dirty chase upon fleeting wings, for you is your undoing foul run.
You run fast but I fly faster, quicker to the point…
Trying to find what your lie really was was the pain that ripped me joint from joint.
So fine have it your way, you can do what you want, but you’ll not have my heart anymore,
All the pain that you caused and the hell that you wrought will, sooner or later, wind up at your door.
Take your lies and take your deceit, but know that I miss you still,
But this young man will no longer stand to a dirty, unruly will.

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