In Love With Their Best Friend

June 7, 2013
He sees her
And she sees him
He goes home and thinks about her
She goes home and dreams about him

She likes him
But does he like her?
They barely know each other
Who’s to say whether he does, or doesn’t?

Days, weeks, and months pass
They talk for hours at a time
Her liking for him grows
And so does his liking for her

It was the following summer
When she got the call she will never forget
He told her he loved her
And she said she loved him too

Now they are the best of friends
Practically inseparable
He’s giving her butterflies that she can’t control
And she’s giving him her heart

Only time will tell what is in store for them
Some say they are meant to be
Others say they are absolutely adorable
But all that matters to them is that they are in love with their best friend.

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