I Know

September 5, 2008
By Jessica Torrico, Kissimmee, FL

I know
I know what’s going to happen
-an impending doom
Yet I still wag my tail
My fur flying everywhere
Falling slowly to the fuzzy carpet and blending with it
I put on my chipper smirk as if it were any other day
Tears from my family anger me
They don’t understand
This is for the better
This rotting- thing inside of me
It’s in there
It’s mocking me
Knowing I can’t do anything
But watch my family in despair
The youngest
Always so fond of me
Hugs me her tears matting my fur
Each tear, a stab in my heart
But she surprises me
She whispers, “See you later.”
I feel okay now
As I walk out the door towards the car taking me to my last stop
I know
That we will see each other later
I know

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my creative writing class. I was trying to use personification.

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