Whe You Love Someone

April 2, 2008
When you love someone.
you should really trust them.
No matter what,Let them
Be Free let them go places without you.
Make them know that you trust them.
Cause if you dont trust them then you
Obvioouly dont love them Like you say.
You know you can trust them when they.
Look you in the Eye
And tell you
How much they love you and
How much they dont want to lose,
You the Fact that you are the best thing that ever happened to them ,and they wouldnt ever do anything to hurt you and while saying that a tear rolls down their face.
That is Love.You should trust them.
Let them hangout eith other people without you there with them.Cause if they Love you then they wont do anything stupid i can tell you that.
I had A boyfriend.that told me all these nice and sweet things.but he didnt mean it.Cause he didnt trust me at all he never let me go anywhere with out him there beside me Making Sure.He always made me Diss My Friends.Cause he would sit there and talk to me and make me forget.& when i did go somewhere with a Friend he called me like every 10 minutes.It was really annoying and
Wrong.so learn to trust the one you love the most.if you dont then i guess you dont love them like you say you do.

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