March 28, 2008
By Laura Villatoro, Houston, TX

Every time you go somewhere, someone’s mean mugging you for no reason.

School is where this happens most:
You walk down the hallway with one intention in mind:
Getting to class on time.
Eyes stare back at you, never a smile shown.
You can’t trust anyone.
You try to be nice so they won’t hate you.

All it takes is one person to dislike you, and the rest hate you.

At first you ignore all the bull coming your way.
You hear this girl doesn’t like you. She wants to box you. She this and she that you.

You don’t know why?

As it keeps getting worst, you try and try to ignore it all.
But how can you, if all those faces are everywhere you turn.
And then, out of nowhere, you SNAP, unable control yourself. You try to find who started the web of lies, all the bull going around.
Then you do something you’re probably going to regret.
Think about it: Getting suspended because you got in a huge argument in the hallway… Going to court because you fought in school property… Having a PO check up on you everyday, making sure you aren’t up to no good…

Hating people isn’t worth going through all this. In the end who ends up looking like a fool?

This crap just got to stop.
If they’re mean mugging, go ahead and let ‘em. They’re just hating!
If they talk crap, go ahead and let ‘em. They don’t know what’s up!
But if they still don’t get the hint, and out of nowhere they come to you acting they’re bad because you haven’t reacted to the mess they talk,
don’t react. They are just trying to start something they won’t be able to finish.

If you don’t like someone for whatever reason, there are two options you can take:
You can tell them straight up that you don’t like them and leave it in the past.
Or, if you know you can’t finish something they’re trying to start, keep your hate down and low.
You wouldn’t want yourself getting hurt for something stupid like that.
Or would you?
Just to make a point?
What’s the point you’re trying to make?
That you’re hard and you don’t take bull from no one?

It just doesn’t make sense…nothing does now-a-days.

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