I Am Not A Girl

May 20, 2013
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I am not a girl anymore.

I am a receptacle

in which cruel face men empty their seed and then leave

as I lay waiting to be consumed by death and disease.

I am not a girl anymore.

I am a pawn amongst many;

coaxed into committing unspeakable acts of sin,

while fighting callously for a cause that I don’t even believe in.

I am not a girl anymore.

They have turned me into a monster.

They repeatedly stab me in the back as they force innocent blood between my dehydrated lips,

and I begin to enjoy the taste as my fragile sanity really starts to slip.

I am not a girl anymore.

I am an empty vessel.

A battered, bruised, begrimed body with hollow hatred bouncing through my bones.

With no remnants left of who I used to be, I am left completely alone.

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