Saved from fear.

September 22, 2008
As i sing a song of innocence
All the demons look at me
They laugh ominously
then take me from my heaven.

I cry with fear on my mind
telling them to take me back
they try to change me
But i wont let them.

They throw me into a dark cage.
I sit there all alone
waiting for someone to save me
All i hear is menyical laughing.

I sit there in the dark
Thinking he won't come
Then i hear footsteps
I thought it was the demons

A bright light shines on my face
All i see is a blurry haze
Everything is so unclear
I shut my eyes and lose myself

As my eyes flicker open
I see the face of my hero
He actually came for me
My one and only True love

I close my eyes
for the very last time
knowing that im safe
lying in his arms.

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