September 22, 2008
Look at the positive things in life
Even when you’re going through strife
When things seem hard to bear
Just know your friends will always be there

Look at the positive things in life
And I promise it will be all right
Cuz no matter what happens to you
You can always make it through

Look at the positive things in life
It’ll help you sleep at night
No matter how hard life seems
You can always reach your dreams

And when you come to find
No positive things in mind
Don’t worry they’re still there
Even if you’re not aware

People like family and friends!
Awesome things like chocolate and clicky-top pens!
Weather like sunshine or rain!
Foreign countries like England and Spain!
Companies like Starbucks and Five Guys!
Man do they have good French fries!
Fun classes like History and English!
Seafood like lobster and fish!

Now, these are just a couple of things
That make me and my guitar sing
So now that my song is done
Go out and have some fun
Because as long as the sun and moon are bright
You can always look at the positive things in life

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