E Pluribus Unum

September 21, 2008
I am the wolf
I live by the tooth
I howl and run
And I live for the fun.

I am the tree
So far I can see,
My heart it beats slow
And my voice it is low.
I think my deep thoughts
As my roots grow in knots
But I have much more perspective than you.

I am the man
I go where I can.
My will be done
So I can have fun.
I live in my shelter
But run helter skelter
Every time something’s askew.

We are the ants
There’s not much that we want.
We work and we toil
So deep in the soil.
We don’t need to see
Just what we could be
If we only had time to think.

I am a spider
I sit and I bide.
My web is a jewel
Like a trap just for fools.
My riches are good,
And just like you should
You’ll fall right into my snare.

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KnitsandPurls said...
Dec. 8, 2012 at 1:29 pm
I really love this poem. It does not put man above the animals. Rather, it places us at their level, or even below them. That is very deep. The subjects you chose worked well, and I loved the differing stanza lengths. This is awesome! --KnitsAndPurls
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