Cost of Freedom

September 21, 2008
A family of his own, but to help others he leaves them.

He gave away his life, and granted these strangers their freedom.

When the soldier bravely stepped out onto the battlefield, he didn’t know what to expect.

The frightening booms and bangs of firearms going off nearly scared him to death.

As endangering as he knew it was, he stood there proudly and fired his gun.

He took down many tough men, including the harsh ruler who tried to break his strong defense.

With this cruel dictator gone, the now independent citizens cried out in joy.

They could live how they wanted to live and not have to be coy.

The soldier smiled enthusiastically as the effect of his difficult task began to take its toll.

He didn’t regret sacrificing his life for the freedom of his brothers and sisters since that was his main goal.

Slowly weakening, he called out to a nearby cadet.

He whispered in his ear, “Promise to keep them safe and free long after my death.”

Tears came to the other soldier’s eyes as he responded with a nod of his head.

Satisfied with this answer, the injured man peacefully closed his eyes and was pronounced dead.

A flag symbolizing freedom and order was raised the next day.

And after this ceremony, in honor of all the conquering heroes, there was a formal parade.

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