Life's Beautiful Disaster

September 20, 2008
By Natasha Rieder, St. Louis, MO

Love hurts like millions of tiny silver knives
All taking turns to carve out a beating heart
And toss it aside like a rotten piece of meat
Left in the refrigerator so long the dogs won’t even nibble at it.

Love twists, contorts, and manipulates everything
To make feelings, situations and emotions seem okay
Causing unbearable amounts of pain and suffering
Over things people would never otherwise endure.

Stabbing, ripping, tearing apart all dignity
To just keep love around, the thing that causes
So much pain in a once white pure soul.
And yet-

Love is wonderful; filling a person with
A warm sense of meaning and belonging to someone
While they bask in each others arms letting their love
Grow ever more eternal with every gentle kiss.

Love is beautiful; nourishing life, becoming a necessity
To get through every day while
Like the velvety red Franzia uncorked for special occasions
Only getting better with age.

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