Cuts That Speak

September 20, 2008
By Natalia Wong, Queens, NY

Inside the cuts are growing like an endless disease. I look around and see a mirror image of the continuing slashes of deep wounds.How could I stop this madness? For it keeps me up and going.
"Speak to me" I say, but no message in return. Is this a punchment or the silent treatment. You may think of me as perfect, But look closer; see the shadow outside and the true being inside. How could I stop this madness?
I see your affect is global and your only there to cause more pain. I beg you give those with cuts that speak another chance.
There is never a reply; should I except you, should I forgive you. This encounter is never ending. Can I prove myself wordy of your forgiveness. It doesn't matter; A light will reveal a path and the madness will stop. "

The author's comments:
I wish for all my readers to understand that everyone has problems, but that doesn't mean you give up because that is when nothing changes.

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