The Silent Watcher

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Greatly grinning he lay on the ground.
The forest-carpet slowly crept over his cryptic face.
The alabaster white wonder always watching the world.

Seeing the slow change of the world around his head.
The life-watcher lay looking at the green growth and fauna that lay around him.
It was often overwhelming to be seen.

Pondering his weird fate he fell into fathoms of thought.
The white-seer lay and watched.
He was no longer young.
A carpet-beard covered his noble face.

Long days since he had been committed to completion of duty or death.
Where gilded flowers lay, he lounged, they paid his price.
His happiness heralded the healing of an old age, once upon a time.

Like totems of long-lost days he represented the forest.
An ancient avatar.
Never ceasing a constant watch he held the forest at heart.

A literal layman he was left by the way.
Epics, flashed before his eyes, everlasting was his time.

The author's comments:
This is an attempt at incoorporating several literary devices sed in Anglo-Saxxon poetry, most Notably Beowulf.

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