May 21, 2013
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Too many times I’ve been used
I should have left, but I always stayed
In my head, I was confused
In my heart, I was afraid

You made sure the lights were dim
Turned the music up loud
I needed you to listen
But you were higher than the clouds

I wanted to mean something
But you didn’t know my name
I wanted to be beautiful
But I was just another game

I gave in too easily
Always willing to trust
Needed someone to love
But all you wanted was lust

Always did what you wanted
Still you were nothing but mean
You made me your slave
When I should have been your queen

I guess after dozens
I should have predicted
You’d leave the next day
But I was blindly addicted

My body was a prize
All your friends would keep score
And nobody gives respect to
A girl who thinks she’s a whore

I tried to use sex and drugs
To cover my pain
Thought they would make me happy
Not drive me insane

The numbers were rising
Couldn’t stand on my own
The list kept getting longer
I just felt more alone

I was always too trusting
When I should have concealed
The secrets I exposed,
The truths I revealed

I didn’t get respected
Because I couldn’t see
If what I wanted was respect
It had to start with me

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