Sepia Illusions

September 19, 2008
By Olivia Ezinga, Alto, MI

I ask for words and inspiration
I wish for thoughts to overflow,
But somehow life won’t grant me pleasures
And the things I need to revive my soul.
I’ve read the stories of thirst and drought
And how men fall prey to death’s doorknocker
But on the verge of their last breaths
The rain crashes down to whisk ‘em away.
Myths and legends, lore and poetry
Swirl up scenes in the eyes of my mind
Convincing and willing with sepia illusions
That everything is real but I still can’t believe.
I’m not a witty heroine in bestseller novels
And I don’t save the world as the hourglass drains
I’m not painting smiles on atom bombs
But I might as well document reality.

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