September 19, 2008
By Summer Igo, Grand Junciton, CO

He walks by me like nothings there,
I smile but he just stares.
I try to be his friend,
instead I'm nothing.
I was "awesome" before this,
Now he says I don't exist.

We pass eachother in the halls,
When he sees me he turns away,
I still don't exist to him.
I want to feel like I have a freind,
He wants our "friendship" to have never began.

I say I'm sorry for what I've done,
He doesn't acknowledge the messages I'd send,
I don't think my heart will ever mend.
Day to day I think "Why'd it have to be this way."
But I guess there's no other say,
Whats done is done, have no regrets.

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