CIties Inside A City

September 19, 2008
By Abby Bertholf, Park City, UT

Welcome to Las Vegas,
known for its hotels.
It has many places resembling cities,
New York, Paris, Hollywood.
We will go to Paris first and “Bonjour.”

It’s how your greeted.

That’s when you know your in

The Las Vegas version at least.
It stands eighty feet short of the real thing,
But the lights are still magical,
Just like the structure itself.
Time to leave,

You know its true when

“Au Revoir”

Directed at you.
Next place we visit,
It’s where the stars go.
They live it, breathe it.
It’s not a real place,
The sign on the hill



But here in Las Vegas,
Images of Hollywood in your

mind become real.
It’s a city inside of a city,
where you too,
Can become

A star.
New York, Las Vegas.
Almost as good as the real thing.
Buildings alike the real city,
Except just holding up
Like a cadrboard structure.
This city is still so alive,
In the city that never sleeps,
New York! New York!
Maybe it is as good as
The real thing.
(With gambling)
Cities, cities, cities
inside of one.
What did you expect?
It's in the f a b u l o u s Las Vegas,
Where location doesn't matter.
Just the place itself is alive,
making Las Vegas what it really is.

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