Bethany Beach

September 19, 2008
By Jillian Lugo, Congers, NY

As my family piles
into the car
the morning sun shines
And our summer vacation has begun
The music blares
in my ears
as I listen to my summer playlist
anxiously awaiting our arrival
only a four hour car ride
but it feels
like a lifetime
we reach the highway and it feels
like each car is racing to get away
I fall asleep only for a short time
I wake to feel the wind in my hair
and smell a slight scent of the ocean
I know
that we are near
When we reach the big blue sign
the words Welcome to Oceanview Delaware
jump out at me
The windows are down
my family talks
about what we dream
this summer will be like
in the distance the glistening lights
on the tops of the stores shine
we pull into the driveway
I step out of the car
walk up the stairs
and I know that I’m in paradise.

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