Do You Ever Wonder

September 19, 2008
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Do you ever wonder,
What your life would be like,
Had you stayed with me?
Do you ever wonder,
How I am now?
Do you ever wonder,
If I think of you?
Because, trust me I do.
And I wonder if you think of me too.
Do you ever wonder,
What our lives would be like,
If you actually cared about me?
Or did you care about me,
But not enough to let me know,
Just how much I meant to you?
Do you ever wonder,
How close we might have become?
Or what we could have done,
To keep our love alive?
I would give anything to be with you again.
Do you ever wonder,
What love is,
And if I ever felt that for you?
I know that I wonder if you ever felt that way about me,
Seeing as how I feel that way about you.
I always will love you,
And not a day goes by without me thinking of you.
Do you ever wonder,
Why you broke up with me?
Breaking my heart at the same time?
I’d love to know why you did.
You told me I was different,
That I meant more to you than other girls.
I believed your every word.
Though now I wonder whether I should have.
Do you ever wonder,
If I would do it all again,
The answer is yes I would.
But now I must ask the most important question of all,
Do you ever wonder about me?

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