Falling Into The Dark

September 17, 2008
By Damon Patterson, Mesa, AZ

All the time we spent again,
Goes through my aching brain,
And all I can do is weep and cry,
And feel every ounce of pain.
My body bends and heaves for air,
My eyes, they sting and burn.
My head hurts worse as I scream in despair,
Now my longs will take their turn.
Sitting here I want to die,
Longing for this anger to end,
And moving forward to gulp in air,
My body aches and frighteningly bends.
All of this pain I really don’t want,
The feeling makes me weak…
But then I think of your glowing face,
And it is all I need.
Your smile, your kiss, the tingling touch;
The one that shocks my lips,
Sends shocks and jolts all down my spine,
And then throughout my fingertips.
This crazy feeling revives my heart,
It lifts me up from this pit.
If I could only be with you more,
You and I would be a perfect fit.
But alas you live too far away,
You cam here only once.
I miss you Love, your tingling touch,
Which could never be had too much.
But still I lay here alone at night,
And I think about that night.
Just before you left me here,
And got there to your flight.
The moment that we embraced in the cold,
As the tears first ran down my face…
Was the moment that I knew right then,
That my heart held for you a special place.
I miss you love I need you here,
I need you to cover my heart…
Because without you here I’m afraid and alone,
I’m falling into the dark.

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