Back to School Poem

September 17, 2008
By Alexis Miyake, Honolulu, HI

Like every year, here I am at school.
The place I love and hate
I love the teachers and the school
My friends are ok
With every great thing comes a despised thing
I’ve been teased and backstabbed
I’ve insulted
I’ve been made to feel stupid
And sometimes
Too smart and alien to be called a nerd.
The same as last year maybe not as bad
However now,
All the horrible things are becoming visible
And the wonderful a fantasy.
Grades are a breeze,
My life though is a tease.
I’m mocked in front of my face.
But I must not show any weakness or else
Little Miss Know-It-All and Little Miss Drama Queen
Will control me.
When you have a lot of knowledge,
It’s intimidating and causes others to hate you,
For they are jealous for they will never know the pleasure you have
The pleasure of books
The pleasure of numbers
The pleasure to understand art.
This year I feel like Warhol,
He was, too, criticized for his art and personal life.
I feel like Bob Dylan my words aren’t heard like his lyrics weren’t.
This year is the year I’ll stand out and rebel!
This year I’m going to be me.
No one can stand in my way.
And no one’s *&** will enter my brain.
I’m now a rebel.

The author's comments:
I'm edgy and different and I'll tell you how it is. I won't hold back!

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funnybunny said...
on Sep. 23 2008 at 12:57 am
I understand and like that you accept who you are, but in your poem, I wouldn't be so straightforward. Challenge the reader to figure out how to interpret your writing.

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