Let Me Be

September 17, 2008
By Rachel Riggle, Los Altos, CA

If you were the rain,
You'd be always knocking on my roof
And even when people question
You make it so they don't accept the proof

If you were the sun,
You'd be always in my eyes
And even when I looked away
You would still be there, no surprise

If you were the snow,
You 'd give me frostbite on my face
And because you know my secrets
You would make me feel like a disgrace

If you were a tornado,
You'd find a way to visit me
And tear apart everything I love
Then just sneak off, secretly

If you were water,
You'd suffocate me with your touch
And have me sit there and squirm
Because I don't matter to you that much

If you were a part of me,
You'd never let me go far
But what's the "if" for
Because you already are

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