Live, Love, Laugh

September 17, 2008
All my life does is spin.
Over and over and over again.

Never stops or even slows down.
So I keep going around.

Everything happens for a reason and though it may suck.
You never know it could bring you good luck.

Bad things happen every day.
And they also block good things away.

Right now you may think it's all going bad.
Bu just remember all the good times you've had.

You may feel confusd and lost.
But I promist you that death isn't the cost.

You can make things better for yourself.
So don't just take your soul and place it on a shelf.

So live, love, laugh and have fun.
Your life's not ready to be done.

Forget everything bad that's happened in the past.
And life every day like it's your last.

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