Faeries in the sky

September 17, 2008
Above the world
In the sky, watching us as we live our lives.
They have their own world up above the world where they sing and dance.
Faeries in the sky.

All around us, we see many of beautiful creatures flittering across the sky.
We always seem to find joy in the sight of butterflies
But what if they aren’t butterflies?
What if they’re faeries disguised as something else so they can live with us?

Would we still find joy in their beauty?
Or would we be afraid of them just because they’re different?
Would you exile a friend just because they’re different?
When you’ve been friends for so long and they tell you something about them that scares you, that you would have to protect a secret for them that might get them hurt, would you give up on them and say goodbye?

While there are Faeries in the sky, would you trade something so precious to you just to stay alive? Trade in friendship to save yourself?
Well? Would you?

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