Old Romance

September 17, 2008
By Elizabeth Robinson, Springfield, IL

Dragons, elves, and all Folklore
Died when I kicked you out the door
My fantasy was coming true
I believed you were the one
Until I told you we were done

My first kiss was magical
Your warm breath on my hair as we danced
Now its all in the past
My old romance

The few precious months we had
Are now my fiend and foe
I loved you once, my dear Romeo

If this was England, 1586
You better hope this doesn't have a Shakespearean twist
Cause if it did you'll be sorry
The only one dead would be you
My former backstabbing beau

When I came home that ghastly night
You and that unsuspecting girl were quite a sight
I walked past you with a slight glance
Forgetting my old romance

And that's how the story ends
You and another girl, me by myself
Waiting for a glimpse of a dragon or elf.

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