Nature's Melody

September 17, 2008
By Aaron Kane, Seven Valleys, PA

The sound of the summer breeze,
sweeping through the leaves of the maple trees,
whispering the melody of Nature's sweet song.

The chirp of the crickets as day turns to dusk,
say, "Goodnight," to the sun,
the light dancing above us.

The tune of the mockingbird,
singing "Good morning!" to a new day,
as the first rays of light shine upon the land.

The trickle of a stream,
flowing through a valley,
saying, "Come, drink!" to all life.

The cry of the rain,
showering down on the earth,
with its thirst-quenching tears.

The bang of Thunder,
announcing his strength,
with his fear-inspiring call!

The rush of the waves,
reshaping the shore,
creating a soothing, yet powerful roar!

The melody of Nature,
is mighty and calm,
a simple, yet wondrous song for all!

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