The Heart Matters

September 17, 2008
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You eye me as I take her hand,
You wonder why I do,
Well I'll tell you.
She's my friend,
Till the end,
This I know for sure.
And yes,
I know,
That she is African-American.
I am well aware of that fact.
Now does it bother me,
Definitely not!
She is who she is,
Not by her race, color, or gender,
But by her heart.
When I see her,
I see the person inside,
Not the color outside.
Why must you only see color,
When the heart is so much better?
It's the heart that tells you about the person,
So please look for the heart from now on,
And not the color.
Now that you have heard my point of view,
Will you still eye me and my best friend,
The way you used to?

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