The Fence

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

I wonder if you can see me through the fence
I stare at you all the time
I walk past and see your face blur
Wishing it would stay still and be smiling at me instead of the one you are with

I know that you like me
At least I think you do
When you brush against me I get tingly
And I'm pretty sure you feel it too
I love it when you're not wearing long sleeves and it is skin to skin

I just want to hear your voice once more
See your eyes once more
Feel your lips once more.

Love is casual
It’s sweet and nice
But you don't love me
You love my lips
My curves
My neck
Not my eyes
My dimples
My heart

I am someone that has been taken
Taken for granted by you
I hate that fence
I pity the one your smiling at
For you’ll use them just like you used me
I never want to feel you again
Never hear you again
Never be near you again
I hope you wear long sleeves everyday

But really it is entirely my fault because I looked through the fence
I saw you with another but I wouldn’t give up
In my stubborn head I thought you would love
To be with the one looking through the fence

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