The Farm

September 17, 2008
By Cheddar SILVER, Grand Junction, Colorado
Cheddar SILVER, Grand Junction, Colorado
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Birds chirping in lush trees
Fish lurking
Waiting to catch a bee
The one and only South Platte River is shining
While noisy cars are whining
God's warm sun is hot on my feet
When the horses, cows, and dogs are ready to eat
Corral fences stand tall and proud
When livestock wants to knock'em down
Tractors are trying to mow hay
But he cows just won't get out of the way
Barbed wire fences snag my shirt
When I cross them
I better get down in the dirt
A big red barn sits in the distance
While the smell of manure is consistent
I sit relaxed and comfortable on the corral fence
Listening to the birds flutter back to their nests
And the coyotes welcoming the night from a distance.

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