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The Girl had Comforted the Dog

May 23, 2013
By Taylor Arndt BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Taylor Arndt BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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The world shatters with thunder
Ripples form in the mug holding murky tea
Curled and trembling on my lap, the dog
Ears, with the constant rumble, have gone numb
Lightning flashes by in a blink
Warmth of fur and fleece bring safety

Cold nose and shaking paws seek safety
Fur on end with the spark of thunder
Brown calf eyes flutter with a blink
Fumbling hands bring a breath of tea
Heat and steam to chapped lips make them numb
The mug is relinquished to comfort the dog

There is a shudder from the oversized dog
With the rain and trembling, he sought safety
Weight anchoring down legs gone numb
As the dog presses closer with the rumble of thunder
Slowly cooling and forgotten, on the table rests the tea
Arms pull the creature closer, eyes closing in a blink

Fighting against the fur with a blink
She buries her head into the back of the dog
The steam stops flowing from the tea
Both souls have found safety
From the antagonistic thunder
That had made their ears numb

The storm no longer had the power to numb
And in a blink
What no longer mattered was the thunder
The girl had comforted the dog
And they brought to each other: safety
The mug has grown cold, forgotten was the relinquished tea

Outside the mud ran down the street in streams as murky as tea
The gray sky broke into stars that glowed numb
Death of a storm allowed safety
The roof of night flickered with lights that blink
Louder than the storm snores the dog
Evaporating with the rain was its fear of thunder

Cold tea is abandoned with the heavy sleep blink
Tangled fingers turned numb by twisted chocolate fur of the dog
The air warm with safety and long-forgotten thunder

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