September 17, 2008
I consider life a game of ups and downs. Learning to let go and learning to love, finding those in our lives that really count and those that don’t. A building block, one year at a time that just keep stacking. Just one day sit down and look back on your life, look back on all that you have accomplished and all that you have learned after you have failed. Just look, don’t stop looking until you’ve found that your life meant something, or to someone. We are all on this earth for a reason, a task. We never know what that task may be until that day you are old enough to realize, Life is just to live and to see the many wonderful colors the world offers. Happiness, Love, lust, sadness, laughter and fear, just sit and look. Look where you are, fate or your decisions that make you where you stand now. We all over look the most important thing in life, happiness. Just look, look at all you are it may be small or big. You are a person, you are living life. Enjoy every moment of it, enjoy the clouds, the kids laughing, the sun looking down upon us, the blue sky, the rainy days, and the ones you love. Life, it matters most.

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