September 16, 2008
By Katie Mackie, Crystal Lake, IL

As she looks in the mirror and tries to find herself,
she sees a girl who is trying to be like everyone else,
she wants to know but can find herself,
the only thing she does know is,
when pressure comes along she likes to cut herself,
no one knows,
her family doesn't care,
should she give up?
no one knows her,
if they did,
they wouldn't like her,
the real her,
the emo girl,
so shes alone now,
with bleeding wrists,
with eyeliner,
to cover the pain in her eyes,
with hair,
that proves she's got a past,
with nail polish,
that makes her look dead,
people look at her,
her old friends,
and stare,
they don't care no one does,
she's alone,
with herself and a knife,
a hero comes out,
puts the knife down,
and thinks of all the people that love her,
she's saved a life,
she's saved her life.

The author's comments:
This is something I had a really hard time with... I still do cut but not as bad and writing helped me...

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