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I am...

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I am…
I am the rusty wrench. I wonder
how I continue to move on and
am still here. I hear myself
withering away as time goes on.
I see others move forward and
myself just the same as I was a
year ago. I want to see the
change such as when a tool is
given a polish.

I am the rusty wrench. I pretend
to be a tool of mass destruction
to try and either pass the time
or forget; I am still just sitting
here… useless. I feel the rust over
throwing my once bright ideas of
the future and what seemed like
endless time and filling it with more
thoughts of despair and seconds. I
touch of steel on my own metal
and all I want is to feel it again.
The triumph of being useful and
succeeding. I worry that time no
longer matter at this point. I cry
so maybe I can still know I am here.

I am the rusty wrench. I understand
that not everyone has a life time
guarantee but why did I have to be
one of them. I say to the other tools
out there I dream that I can have
another chance to redo and or fix
my mistakes. I try to just live and forget.
I hope that only now you can see that
this is not me and all I desire is to not
be a tool but to be an asset to others
and myself once more. I am the rusty wrench.

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