figuring it all out

September 16, 2008
By Michelle Farina, Tampa, FL

Life gets so confusing
And frustrating
And we get so caught up
That we forget the simply
Pleasures that used to make us happy

We always try and pretend that we're fine
But we are actually scared on the inside
But to prideful to let our emotions show
Scared of what people might think
Or say, our ego is apparently too important
But in the long run it’s nothing

We should just be ourselves
And not just pretend we are
We try and be what everyone else
Wants us to be and in the act
We don’t even realize that is what is happening

So we say we don’t care
About what everyone else says
I think we should forget rules
Standards and regulations!
And forget what everybody thinks!

Because we all want to fit in
Yet we put down others just to
Feel better about our own self
So imagine if we stopped
All the teasing and hatred
What kind of world we'd live in

And maybe it wouldn’t be so hard
To figure out who we are and what we
Really want out of life

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on Sep. 23 2008 at 8:56 pm
omg i love this poem 2 death its really awsome

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