The beaches

September 16, 2008
By Justin Conner, Hendersonville, TN

I have kept this in my thoughts
And I have lived it in my slumber
Where the ashes stay forgotten
And the fire spares the lumber
Where the seas that lie alone
Resemble something of a throne
That never once expands its reaches
Past its lonely shores and beaches

In those beaches I have slept
And in those shores, yes, I have wept
Alas! A wonderland! A dream!
For that I weeped
And down I seeped
To find the remnants of a beam
Of hope! A thule shining through
So dim-lit, still, but not forgotten
Not by me and not by you

I had kept us in my thoughts
But not so minuscule. I wonder
How the lightning bolts did not
Ignite the fast replies of thunder
But that matters less then none
My soul, it burns, it burns for one
Whose gentle features and whose grace
Outshine the shining suns in space
Whose heart has been to mine a home
And in my sleep this home I roam
My mind, it carries me and reaches
To those seas and sandy beaches
Oh those beaches! I am here
Not half so pitiful with fear
The waves have thus circum to aging
Undulations cease their raging
Not too restless or too silent
Not too dead and not to violent
Just a sky of every weather
In perfection mixed together

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