My Life Philosophy

September 16, 2008
By Nathalia Iacobelli, Mississauga, ZZ

MY Life Philosophy:

Live each day like it is your last
no matter what happens, keep moving ahead.
Don't let yourself get stuck in the past,
or look to the future with feelings of dread.
Treat the people you come across with respect,
it doesn't make a difference who they are-
kindness and courtesy have good affects,
to improve the world near and far.

Focus on relationships with family and friends,
not on material things that only money can buy.
Your possessions won't be there in the end,
and cannot comfort you when you cry.
Go through life possessing faith and hope.
Without these traits, there is need for adjusting-
they will assist when you feel you cannot cope,
and allow you to be a little more trusting.

Never stop learning, expand your mind
there is so much out there just waiting to be found.
So remember to search, because you will find
those things that set your spirit free, they never keep you bound.
Explore who you are, inside and out.
you don't have to find it, rather create who you want to be.
Develop strong morals and values, do not doubt,
the power of being the person you wish to see.

It's about where you are and how you got there.
Did you travel with integrity and compassion?
What about your heart, did you treat it with care?
Always chase your dreams like they're going out of fashion.
Lastly, find the strength to stand up for a cause.
Work hard, stay loyal and forgive,
for these things deserve much applause.
This philosophy shows the way I want to live.

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