Snow Blast Failure

September 18, 2008
By v Whitworth, Park City, UT

Last nights snow blast took over.
I was bundled in colorful cotton.
The golden dogs were pouncing in joy.

Chasing the herd of brothers and dogs
I raced to the snow fort,
For it had to be mine today.

The tiny pink snow boots,
Giving me rocket boosting power,
As I ran through the white powder.

I can see the fort in sight,
As my heart starts pounding.
It was mine this time . . . until


My whole dream had failed!
With such impact I felt frozen in the,

Cold . . .

Hard . . .

Moments later came the stampede.
Trampling over me
As I picked my head up in rage,
My LOVELY BROTHER ran over my head

I just laid there in the snow . . .
Waiting . . . Listening . . . I thought I had died
The feeling was so treacherous
My head ached, my body ached,
And my heart ached.

The author's comments:
December, 2002

Dedicated to My Brother, Thomas

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