Tattered Smiles and Broken Laces

September 18, 2008
I searched
Through the attic today.
And guess what I found?
An old picture of us,
All of us.
Before you went away.

I can still remember that day.
We're at the beach,
And you gathered us around
The blazing bonfire,
Told us to smile
And make it worth our while.

I was wearing new clothes,
New shoes,
And my smiles
Were still fresh.
It was my birthday present from you.
Only a month later,
You packed your bags
And left
You left us all behind.

Now it's six months later.
You haven't called
You haven't written.
We were a family.
But you ruined that
The day you went away.

Everything has changed
I still have your presents,
I wear those shoes everyday.
And my smiles?
Oh yeah, those?
They're FAKE.
Why'd you leave us?

You left only a few items
To remember you by.
My birthday presents.
Don't you know?
It's been six months,
Since you left,
And the only things
You left Behind
Tattered smiles and Broken Laces

I'll never forget that one day
You packed your bags
And said good-bye.
We were happy before then,
But you ruined that
The day you went away.

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