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May 10, 2013
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One day I was a walkin' through the woods pickin' off flees
And as you would guess, minding my own business
I was walkin' along towards my favorite field

When I noticed a short, chubby guy standin' up near the oak trees
It was a good day even though I had woke up with a fair amount of dizzyness
At this moment I knew something was wrong as the chubby man was advancing with a large shield

I thought it might be halucinations as it had been a rough morning
As I was cruising along down to the turnip patch
I turned and ducked as I heard a loud whizz

I then saw a young doe get shot through the head and now we were all in mourning
I brushed it off and decided to continue eating my thatch
When I heard a loud bang followed by a massive pain

It took me hardly three seconds to desipher what had just happened
I jolted up and attempted to run

I was dipping and
Diving and
Jumping and
When I felt my knees give way

Earth rushing towards me
Death coming for me
I wish I could just sit down and pray
But no more hope found
As at last I fell to the ground
And it was clear my ending would not be so gay

My searing hot flesh
As long as it was still fresh
Placed in a bag made of mesh

I was then to be drug away
I was then to be drug away
I knew I could no longer stay

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