Memory Lane

September 18, 2008
The Table in the corner caught my eye
First it was a burden but now, that’s a lie
Each person who sat there taught me a lesson
Everything from love, hate, sadness to depression
They closed my eyes yet opened my heart
I didn’t know how to part
They treated me like a queen
There was plenty to be seen
But now, they moved onto bigger and better things
In my heart, sadness is still lingering
The table in the corner is now gone
The only place I felt I belonged
I will never forget them, the table in the corner
Even as I let go and get older
The three boys and five girls that were there
I want them to know I always cared
Since the table in the corner
Is no more
My life has been a bore
No annoying little boy
Or the shorty, what a joy
Or the boy who made me smile
His kindness lasted the while
The girls were amazing
I know I’m raving
But the table in the corner put me in my place
Those steps I always retrace
Even the table in the corner
Is no more
They made me fly
Those boys of three and girls of five

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P.F. Firestone said...
Dec. 2, 2008 at 11:18 pm
There is going to be a time when I'm not here. They won't look up to me anymore. i won't be there hero. They will forget all about me. And, even though it didn't happen yet. I still cry at the thought of it. I love much. Funny, when they graduate a couple of years from now, they won't even think of me. And when I graduate this year, they're all I'll ever think about. Not the friends I've had for the past 9 years but them. the ones who changed my life.
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