Wait,What Happened?

September 18, 2008
By StarlightResurrection SILVER, Lemon Grove, California
StarlightResurrection SILVER, Lemon Grove, California
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A skip
A run
A Leap
A jump
And then...
High above the clouds I fly!
To watch the goings-on below and then
To feel so much freedom of all the suffering
Of the world I've now left behind...

Now I can feel it
I don't even have to see it...
That unknowing dread that knots
The empty nothing in my stomach.
The feeling of certain terror to come.
I don't believe anymore.

And I start
To sink
To fall
To drop
To drown
And then...
Deep below the surface I am submerged!
To feel the power of the suffocating catchment and
Then feel the freedom of my early day
Leave me behind in my suffering

Now I hear
I doesn't have to be there.
That irritating buzzing from
The alarm inside my head.
The soon to come death.
I hit the bottom with no more to breath...

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