First Shift

September 18, 2008
By Christopher Dennison, Springfield, IL

The moon is full, and my time is now,
I feel the tingling in my bones,
I take a deep breath, preparing for the coming change,
With little more than a simple gasp, the shift begins.

It is something I am new to,
This wondrous sensation that I now feel,
In little time at all, I will know true freedom,
In little time at all, I will know no fear.

I can feel the tail before it grows,
It moves within my spine,
When it grows it wags with joy,
Then my ears begin to climb,

They settle on top of my head,
They grow, sharpen, and are covered in fur.
Next my claws grow from my hands,
Then my hands become my paws.

I drop to all fours, my legs no longer those of man,
My clothes are gone, replaced with soft brown fur,
My muzzle lengthens, my teeth grow sharp,
And lastly my senses sharpen in part.

Now I am beast, no longer a man,
Night is mine to explore,
I breath my first wolfen breathe,
Finding I love it even more.

I felt no pain, only great joy,
The only pain will come at dawn,
When the light of the moon has gone,
I will must be human one day more.

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